Ole Dammegard-False flag operations

Ole Dammegard, awarded the Prague Peace Prize 2016, Ole is a world renowned researcher in the arena of False Flag Attacks, Political Assassinations and The New World Order. Ole was born in Denmark and in his youth moved to Sweden, where he became interested in many topics such as the JFK assassination, The Gladio Network, Olof Palme’s assassination and many other topics. Ole is a published writer, a painter, musician and Yoga teacher.

Over the years, Ole has uncovered the “recipe” for False Flag terror – government sponsored attacks on its own people in order to induce fear, get an emotional reaction and lead the world down the path to a one world authoritarian government – an Orwellian state that was predicted in the novel 1984. With these types of events at an all time high, Ole has been exceptionally busy warning the people of this world that this is a ploy to get us to willingly give up our freedoms.

Ole’s approach is unique, in that he never tries to incite fear – quite the opposite. His calm resolve is to stop the New World Order in its tracks. As he points out, “We are many – they are but a few”. Once humanity has awoken to this type of tactic, we will soon realise that enough is enough. The lies and deception are becoming more and more obvious – the so-called” Power Elite have become sloppy in their approach to these tactics, and they leave clues for us, strewn throughout the complicit Mainstream Media, as well as in their current attacks. Join Ole in this quest for a better world. Help spread the news that all of this terror is nothing but an act – an act of cowardice.

This must stop now.

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